Goodbye Australia

Matt was the man who took it as his duty to develop my drinking and nightlife expertise so I had arranged a weekend of partying with him in Melbourne before I left Australia. I have lost touch with him since but feel I need to get back in touch to thank him and let him see what a fantastic tutor he had been.

I had been to Melbourne a few times before but only for short weekend trips and the city scared me a little. Coming from Tasmania where everything is small and relaxed to Melbourne where everything seems so big and where you actually have to use public transport can be very daunting.

I had never been on a train or used a bus for anything other than a trip to school and back until I was 21, Now, I have spent more time on them than most bottoms should ever need to endure.

So back then it seemed like a big deal to get a train ticket and be in the big city which made me that even little bit more nervous about the trip I was about to undertake. I would say to myself at the nerve racking moments the thing I still say to this day when I am concerned about a decision, ‘Oh well, what’s the worst that can happen’. This is also a statement that I choose never to answer.

After a boozy weekend in Melbourne it was time to take the Qantas flight to Los Angeles and make my way to Aspen to see Steve. I had arranged to be away for 9 months and then head back to Tasmania but inside I had a feeling that I would be away for quite a bit longer, I don’t know why but I just felt that I would not be coming back any time soon.

On March 23rd 1999 I left Australia and it would be a 3.5 years before I was to set foot on her beautiful soil for another time.