The Videos

A slideshow of some of my favourite photos over the last 12 years of travelling. The wrinkles have come and next will be the grey hairs.

An afternoons practice ready for the big day of the Fukuoka Gion Festival. Way too many bare bums but a fun experience to follow them along their 6km run through the streets.

1 of theĀ  6 yearly Grand Sumo Tournaments in Fukuoka, Japan. After such a long build up for such a small fight it is great when they hit the ground hard, falling from the platform.

Short clip of the after school study house show we were treated to on our arrival to Pyongyang. These kids had real talent.

Teenagers in the school band performing for us in Pyongyang 2008.

Short clip of the panoramic view while climbing Mt Rundle in 2010.

Just a usual night in Main staff accomodation after The Storm Cellar had closed.

Stunning scenery from our helicopter ride over the Canadian Rockies in July 2010.

Amazing bike riding along a cliff face with a 300mtr sheer drop. 1700mtrs downhill in 1.5hrs.

Beginning our descent towards Bolivia’s famous Death Road in 2008.

When you buy the miners a gift of coca leaves in the market you can also buy some dynamite to have your guide explode for you outside the mine, so we did.

Underground in Bolivia’s Potosi silver mine. Scary stuff with mining and safety like it was 100 years ago.

A little street dance I stumbled across in La Paz in 2008. Sorry for the quality of the upload